60W of power
Entirely battery backed-up – not battery driven
The use of a transformer has been eliminated
A simple 5-button setup
Intelligent touchpad interface
200-lumen LED light
Locally manufactured and assembled
4-year guarantee – an industry first!


No concerns about load or sluggish operation
The motor has power, even during load shedding
Minimises energy loss in your system
Quick and easy motor installation
Enables easier and faster operation
Good lighting creates a safer environment for you
Widespread availability across South Africa
Product confidence gives you peace of mind


The ARC (Automation and Remote Control) brand is associated with automation, components and spares for your manufactured door applications.

Whether for standard or custom-built doors, we supply:

– domestic and industrial motors

– installation and repair hardware

– spare parts

ARC Systems offers an entire product range to support your door operation, maintenance and servicing requirements.